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Gentle & Therapeutic Classes

Core & Beyond (Barb)
An energetic core practice exploring the pelvic muscles in breathing, supine, sitting and standing poses. A balanced yoga practice focusing on toning, stretching and strengthening the pelvic floor, hips, core muscles including the back.


Gentle Yoga Therapeutics (Barb)

Exploring movements which help to harmonize the nervous system, this gentle class soothes, relaxes and strengthens and lengthens the body. Focus will be on breath , the pelvic floor and balance

Sizzling Somatics Yoga (Barb)

This somatics class is mostly done on the floor promoting the releasing and relaxing of tight and sore muscles. It helps to maintain the full range of muscular function and control so movement is easier and more efficient. After this class you will feel relaxed, stress free and longer.

Prenatal Yoga (Kohlbey)

Expecting individuals gather together as a means of preparing themselves for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual labours of childbirth.  Classes are focused on hip opening and heart opening, strengthening and relaxing the pelvic floor, mindful meditation and breathwork, and relieving pregnancy symptoms.  It will also be an opportunity to grow and connect with other individuals experiencing all the joys and struggles of pregnancy. 

Beginner Classes 

Beginner Yoga (Stephanie) 
This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment.  All bodies are welcome.

Introduction to Hatha Yoga (Kaden) 
Hatha yoga is practiced at a slower pace, with focus on the breath and controlled movements. Class will start with some gentle warm-ups, move into a sequence of poses, and end with a meditation. Come to learn and play in a safe and supportive environment. All bodies are welcome.


Yoga For Everyone

Chair Yoga (Stephanie)

Improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing and seated yoga poses. Breath work and meditation are also incorporated to help balance the body and mind. Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported—no need to bring a yoga mat. Beginner friendly.

Fit Flow (Teresa)

This medium intensity class is designed to stretch and strengthen the body. This class is suitable for fit beginners and seasoned yogis. We will begin with some breath techniques, dynamic stretches and vinyasa flow sequences to get you into the zone. Some longer duration strengthening poses and a few deep stretches will be integrated into each class. A savasana will wrap up each class to full relaxation and to integrate the benefits of your practice.

Hatha Yoga (Gail)

Exploring a deeper practice within using pranayama, meditation, asana (strengthen, stability and mobility with flow and holds), mantra, mudra.  All bodies welcome. Variations given to support your practice.

​Mellow Flow & Stretch (Gail)

A fusion of slow flow and longer held stretches - this class will explore movement and breath with a mellow slow flow, then longer held stretches, and ending with restorative postures and meditation. Beginner friendly. All bodies welcome.  Variations given to support your body, your practice.

Other Classes

Hypoflow (Jen)

Connecting mindful movement with the new revolutionary approach of the hypopressive technique.  A postural and breathing technique that not only helps restore core function, but improves posture, pelvic function (incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse), athletic performance, respiration, digestion, and sexual health.

Mindful Movement (Marnie)

There will be a focus on awareness and ease instead of power and pace. Mindful movement is a blending of the science of kinesiology with the grace and wisdom of yoga. These practices will incorporate breath-work, somatics, and biomechanically deconstructed yoga asana performed awareness to develop presence of mind, steady the nervous system, relax the tissues and align the structure with the self. Modifications will be offered and the supports are encouraged.

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