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Gentle & Therapeutic Classes


Backs, Necks and Shoulders (Barb)

Increasing the health of your spine and decrease pain and stiffness through gentle and therapeutic yoga  postures. Breath, balance,  and alignment will all be explored. Relaxation will end the class. Tea will be served after class.

Chair Yoga (Stephanie)

Improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing and seated yoga poses. Breath work and meditation are also incorporated to help balance the body and mind. Chairs and props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported—no need to bring a yoga mat.

Gentle Pelvic Yoga (Barb)

A gentle but invigorating yoga practice for beginners. Focus will be on strengthening and stretching the core area.

A guided relaxation will end the class. Tea will be served after class.

To the Core & Beyond (Barb)

A more energetic core practice exploring the pelvic muscles in breathing, supine,sitting and standing poses. A balanced yoga practice focusing on toning, stretching and strengthening the pelvic floor, hips, core muscles including the back.

Somatic Yoga (Barb)

Humans have the ability to be more self sensing and in control of their lives. Somatic yoga is a method of achieving this. Through gentle movements and sensing into the self the brain is able to once more take charge of the muscles to move purely, smoothly and without pain.

​​Yoga For Cancer Y4C (Joanne)

A weekly one hour class for women and men who have had cancer or are presently in active treatment or recovering from surgery.  Research has shown that yoga can reduce the side effects of cancer and its treatments and reduce the risk of recurrence.  We do y4c, yoga for cancer, that builds your immune system, strengthens your bones and body, restores vibrant breath and posture, reduces stress and elevates your mood.  New to cancer or yoga or an old hand at both, please email and join us.  cost $15 drop-in or $45/month.  Comfy clothes, equipment provided.




Beginner Yoga (Stephanie)

This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of  yoga. Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and focused on breath work and developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment.


Moderate & All Levels


Buti Yoga (Lonnie)

Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means ‘a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.’ A wide variety of music and genres encourages you get out of your head and into your body. Through connection with each other rather than competition, classes utilize primal movement, dynamic asana, cardio sprints, strength and conditioning as well as core work to tone the body. Classes begin with affirmations and activating Kundalini energy to energize the body. This is followed by moving through dynamic poses, strength exercises and flowing transitions. The hour class eases into a cool down with lengthening and stretching and closes with savasana. The movement principles in Buti help to integrate each participant’s emotional, physical and energetic experience. Finding joy in movement is the key objective and participants do not need any prior experience in yoga, dance or have a certain level of fitness. Buti Yoga endeavors to empower each individual in a supportive environment to encourage health and happiness.

Community Yoga - fee is by donation

A pay-by-donation class where the donation varies according to what the individual can afford to offer. (Suggested minimum donation $3, on a sliding scale up to $15. Those with more financial means may choose to pay the higher donation.)  Type of class may vary depending on the teacher. Variations are offered for to support and enhance all levels. (All levels welcome)

Happy Hatha Yoga - Stability & Flexibility (Gail)

Slow flow, stability and flexibility components. This class emphasizes integrating body, mind, breath and energy – within a playful and supportive environment. In addition savasana, meditation, and pranayama will be included. Variations are offered for to support and enhance all levels. (All levels welcome)

Relax & Restore (Makaria)

Calming and centering asana designed to relax the mind and restore the body. Class will include slow flows and balance work perfect to wind down your day.

Rise and Shine Yoga (Gail)

Flow & sustained holds for flexibility, balance, and strength with emphasis on breath and mindfulness to calm the mind, improve mental focus and release stress.  Includes short meditation and yoga nidra. Set your day up with yoga to feel refreshed and centered.  Beginners welcome.

Stretch & Restore (Gail)

A fusion of slow movement, yin-like stretching and restorative yoga, this class gives an opportunity to receive health benefits of yoga without intense effort, to reduce stress, and to help balance a busy and active lifestyle. After some slow movement to start, postures are mostly seated or reclined and some use supportive props to facilitate deep relaxation. (All levels welcome)

Yoga for Healthcare Professionals  private group class (Gail)

A class to support Healthcare Professionals – Flow & sustained holds for flexibility, balance, and strength with emphasis on breath and mindfulness to calm the mind, improve mental focus and release stress.  ALL LEVELS. Incl yoga nidra/short meditation.  If you are a healthcare professional and would like to join this closed group class, please contact Gail at

Moderate & Intermediate

More Than Asana! Yoga (Gail)

There is even more to yoga than its incredible health benefits! These classes will explore some deeper practices to cultivate and move prana (life force energy) through the body and mind. Practices include asana with flow and holds, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation and other yoga techniques to help you explore and deepen your practice. Good for those who have stability in their postures and are looking to enliven the energetic body and mind. (moderate-intermediate level)​

Weekend Warriors (Makaria)

Using both flows and sustained holds this class is designed to challenge and enhance your strength, stability, and balance. (Previous yoga experience is an asset.)

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